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Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she'd want you... when she had someone like me!?
~ Gaston LeGume

Villains who act as Heroes' Love Rivals. Sometimes they want the Heroes' love interests to like them but when feelings are not returned they'll try to kill the Heroes and then force the love interests to marry them.

An example is Gaston LeGume. After failing to propose to Belle and learning she was in love with the Beast he decided to try and kill him so Belle would be his.

Note: Love Rivals do not necessarily have to be truly In Love. This especially applies if they are Pure Evil (e.g. Steele, General Mandible, Joker, Judge Claude Frollo or Madison Bell) and only Obsessed, Golddiggers or Perverts with these "special" people as just one of their Pawns (e.g. Oushima Sanagi).

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