Are you still upset that I stole Jaina from you, Kael?
~ Arthas Menethil taunting Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Love Rivals, also known as Homewreckers are villains who abduct a Lover or Love Interest, usually the one of those they antagonize. It is most often done to coerce the victim into marriage but also happens when the villain takes a hostage. Examples include Jennifer CheckGreen GoblinIsaac Ray Peram WestcottRahul Mehra and Aldrich Killian.

A Lover Stealer can also be an individual who has "stolen" the protagonist's love interest and begins a relationship with them much to the chagrin of the Hero. Examples include Biff Tannen, Aki Myojin, Arthas Menethil, and Lex Luthor.

A lover stealer can also include elements of both of the above; Lucifer, Judge Claude Frollo, Ripslinger and Bowser are examples.

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