I just love free food.....and you look like seafood!
~ Tamatoa about to eat Moana.
Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas...... So many snacks, so little time.
~ Venom while fighting mercenaries in his first appearance.

A specific variant of the Hungry Villain is the "man-eater", a non-human antagonist (usually a monster or an animal) that is known to prominently feed on human flesh. Not to be confused with a Cannibal and inapplicable to animals that prey on other animals of their species (for example Jaws would qualify, but beings such as Brer Fox would not). This also includes villains that only eat certain parts of the body, such as organs or blood.

Animals such as wolves, foxes, badgers, wolverines, weasels, ferrets, cats, bears, big cats, birds of prey, bats, dragons, constrictor snakes, alligators, certain dinosaurs, etc. often belong to this category within fiction.

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