Since the animation of Date A Live was released in 2013, the franchise has received thousands of audiences, however, it all came from just one character....and this character has made this anime as one of the best Japanese animations in 2013. This "villain" is the most famous character of the anime and is considered the best female character of the year.
~ Kotori Itsuka talking to the audience about the most famous female anime character in 2013

Mascots are villains who are commercially popularized and associated with a series or franchise. These villains range from being a figure of a media like music and food products (such as Eddie the Head to the band Iron Maiden) or to a Big Bad of a series like Magneto, the Joker and William Afton. It is also not uncommon for villainous mascots to be protagonists (i.e. Walter White).

To qualify, the villain must have some affiliation with a series so closely that fans or followers expect at least cameos or mentions in any given installment.

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