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Now seems like it would be a good time for a drink... and a cold, calculating speech with sinister undertones. A speech about politics... about order... brotherhood... power. But speeches are for campaigning. Now... is time for action.
~ Evil Morty

Master Orators are charismatic and have largely poetic vocabularies and speech patterns to motivate and/or manipulate others whether they be innocents or minions. They can also use this as a method of taunting, confusing and/or putting doubt in those against them to the point of driving heroes to the edge with just words.

Note: Mute villains can NEVER be in this category because Mute villains cannot speak and as such cannot give a speech, whereas Master Orators know a lot of words and give speeches to others in order to trick others, which is something Mute villains cannot do due to the fact that they don't possess the ability to speak.

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