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Imagine the hatred fueling that first decision to replace his mortal body with soulless machinery. Ultimately, it did the trick. Clockwerk lived on.
~ Sly Cooper on how Clockwerk turned himself into a robot.
This is no game, little girl! Because of that meddler, I am more metal and machine than flesh and blood! THIS... IS... NO... GAME!!!
~ Taurus Bulba expressing his frustration at being a cyborg.

Usually a brilliant scientist, sophisticated billionaire or superhuman being with advanced technology who usually wears a mechanical suit of armor to upgrade aspects of their bodies. It also includes villains who have replaced body parts with mechanical replicas called Cyborgs (i.e. General Grievous, William Afton and Darth Vader).

They may also be living organisms that turned themselves into artificial-intelligences by transferring their consciousness into machines (i.e Arnim Zola, and his MCU counterpart)

This often coincides with Gadgeteers but differ by Gadgeteers almost exclusively using their own inventions whilst Mechanically Modified beings may utilize stolen technologies (i.e. Apocalypse) and are usually dependent upon them and without which they became severely weakened, contrary to Gadgeteers, who're usually smart enough to survive without their "toys".

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