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I'm a soldier. Was. My whole career was about acknowledging that side and letting it do what only it could. To survive. To kill.
~ Thunderbolt Ross

Villains part of a Military of some sort; they can be Leaders and/or members of armies. Examples are characters with titles such as General, Colonel, Admiral, Captain, Commander, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Private, Ensign, etc.

This can also apply to threats to a kind of Military. Although thought of as soldiers and/or warriors, they can be other military positions like sailors, marines, and/or aviators. Some Military villains can even cross over into being One-Person Armies.

Military can also be former soldiers or any titles aforementionned who retired of the army before the history takes place or during it (e.g. Neil McCauley and Gaston LeGume).

Generally, Military as a whole are not inherently evil. They only obey order without questions, even if the order is clearly immoral (e.g. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Commander Santos and Kent Mansley). This element also applies in real life.

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