You should see the looks on your faces! Priceless!
~ Discord after scaring the ponies.
Mischievous Villains are evildoers who are playful, misbehaved, disrespectful, and often childish, as they do not always seek outright harm on others. They are very similar to Tricksters: however, mischievous villains cross the line when they allow their misbehavior or love of play to override such things as basic law and order, changing them from harmless pranksters to reckless individuals who can harm themselves and others.

Mischievous characters are not meant to be taken too seriously; therefore, they cannot count as Pure Evil. Even if very rare cases, some Purely Evil characters can pull pranks (e.g. Junko Enoshima and The Joker) albeit in a much more dangerous and often lethal manner, they should go under the Trickster category.

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