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...The King can do as he likes!
~ Joffrey Baratheon
This is my kingdom and I am still Queen!
~ Mary Heart, also known as the Queen of Hearts.

These wicked Monarchs range from being evil Kings, Queens, Emperors, Empresses, Princes or Princesses as well as any other ruling elites in a society ruled by "The Crown".

Monarchs of the malicious variety tend to be absolute rulers and as such are a type of tyrant, often they are uncaring or cruel in regards to their people and are not as concerned as other forms of tyrants in reshaping every aspect of life, since they often employ a more hedonistic style of ruling dictated by their personal whims.

However, some of them are much more dangerous and may overlap with totalitarians, taking a very personal interest in shaping the world in their image. These kinds of Monarchs are often raised from birth to see themselves as gods or grow to see themselves as such due to the status of royalty, either bestowed on them or stolen from others.

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