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It's a difficult thing, isn't it, taking a life? Feeling the weight and responsibility of all the years the person you've murdered has lived - moments that they've cherished, the dreams that they've struggled towards gone, because of you. I want you to know something. Something important that I've learned: that it gets easier the more you do it.
~ Wilson Fisk about the act of murder.

Villains who have committed the unlawful crime of homicide. Unlike Serial Killers, Murderers don't necessarily have to kill more than once, though many do, although sometimes one victim can be an even bigger crime or loss in the story than multiple deaths if the victim was a beloved character.

NOTE: villains who have attempted murder and failed are not to be counted for. Please save that for Abusers and Homicidal.

Also, if a villain qualifies as a serial killer (multiple victims over time), they DON'T need to also be categorized as a murderer.

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