Muses are characters who inspire others. Normally seen as positive, Muses can easily become negative if twisted in a manner similar to Genies. Often appearing to individuals or Organizations, a muse inspires them via horrific events of circumstance.

A good example of a Muse is someone who performs misdeeds others take as inspiration for their work, whether they become copycats or something else entirely (such as horror writers gaining inspiration from Demons or Satanism that showed grotesqueries used in their work).

Muses will see their misdeeds as a type of art and share their "gifts" with those unfortunate enough to be around them. Usually they are feared by everyone around them due to idolizing things traditionally seen as taboo in society, though exceptionally twisted or desperate individuals may willingly call upon such Muses when in need of inspiration (as seen in the quote above).

While admired, muses differs from Dark Messiah, as they are not seen or worshipped as Gods or Messianic figures, but simply seen like a model or inspiration.

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