Wade, is that you? Stryker finally figured out how to shut you up.
~ Logan
He's worked for me for a dozen years and although his appearance may be displeasing, he is loyal and efficient. Don't try to talk with him, by the way. He has no tongue.
~ Herod Sayle tells Alex Rider about Mr. Grin.
Oh, you must excuse Oddjob, Mr. Bond. He's an admirable manservant, but mute.
~ Auric Goldfinger mentioning Oddjob to James Bond before their golf game.

Villains who rarely or do not need to speak a word of any language to proclaim their evil doings. This also means that they are incapable of speaking coherently and/or refuse to speak anyway due to their incapability of human communication, so certain humans would assume their plots and reasons incorrectly. This category is also for characters who have been said by other characters to speak, but they are not witnessed doing so by the audience/readers.

They are often common in the horror genre, as the character's intentions are often very subtle, and it can cause great shock when they finally realize what their true intentions really are.

Editing note: though certain characters, such as the GTA Online Protagonists, can be given speaking roles by players in online gaming, they are still canonically mute, no matter what. In addition, some characters such as Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse do have speaking roles in certain episodes (except for the screams for comedic purposes) but are still fully mute by canon.

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