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Everyone talks when I start peeling them. But this one...her heart gave out before I even got to her face.
~ Ramsay Bolton about how he flayed an old woman to death.

Mutilators are villains who mutilate others. Unlike the Homicidal, they do not always kill their victims, but scar and/or disfigure them as a subtype of Torturers, though not all mutilations start out as torture.

Villains who cause severe, even long-term injuries and/or disfigurements to their victims without necessarily killing them belong here. Such injuries are highly disturbing (e.g. slit mouths, disfigured faces, severed limbs, etc.), which makes them belong to the horror and/or thriller genres.

This category can also refer to Murderers who disfigure others or their corpses by tearing their bodies apart, removing their organs, or generally causing said victims to become almost unrecognizable. Such acts are often considered worse than regular killing due to its graphic nature, and tend to be a sign of mental illness or psychopathic tendencies.

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