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MAAARIO! Are you seriously trying to start with me again?! I hear about this big meeting, and I'm all ready to act nice... But man, the second I see your face, Mr. Nice Bowser is GONE. Yeah, forget your dumb meeting! I'll pummel you and grab Peach!
~ Bowser about how Mario enrages him.

A Nemesis is an opponent or enemy who is created by the actions of a hero (or another villain) within a story or legend. The name is derived from the Greek goddess of vengeance who would punish people who committed hubris. A good example of a nemesis would be Grendel's Mother, who fought Beowulf after the hero killed her son.

A nemesis often overlaps with Wrathful and Vengeful. By very definition, it is a specific subset of an Archenemy and the opposite of a Provoker. It can also overlap with one of the latter two to make an Arch-nemesis.

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