I never had the chance to serve in battle, nor did fate provide me the opportunity to sacrifice myself for humanity as it did for so many others in the Great War.
~ Director Leonard Church

The kind of villain who has little to no significant fighting skills and relies on henchmen to do the dirty work. However, this does not make them any less dangerous. Instead of action, they may rely on deception or manipulation to achieve their goals, sacrificing brawn for brains. As a result, many non-action villains are often Masterminds. Others might simply rely on intimidation or threats or even frightening others with their very presence rather than actually taking action.

They may have reasons for this, such as being imprisoned, confined to a wheelchair, being physically disabled, weak, cowardly, or simply too lazy to bother trying to fight, or just not able or trained to fight at all.

While these villains are the opposite of Fighters, if they are for example beings that can possess other people, and fights while possessing someone, or if they don't physically fight (such as fighting from a robot or using a gun), or if some versions of the character can fight whilst others can't, they can still be both.

Other times, they are merely assisting in evil (or believe that they are doing what is right), not fighting or harming others, but are part of the reason why their boss is causing harm, they may not even want to cause harm and are simply doing their job, rather they're forced to or not. They sometimes have no actual hard feeling towards the hero.

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