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Gideon: W-What are you? H-How do you know my name!?
Bill: Oh, I know
lots of things! Lots of things...
~ Li'l Gideon and Bill Cipher about the latter's incredible knowledge.
I've done everything this world has to offer. I've read every book. I've burned every book. I've won every game. I've lost every game. I've appeased everyone. I've killed everyone. Sets of numbers... Lines of dialogue... I've seen them all.
~ Flowey to Frisk, showing that he did everything and knows everything.

Villains who are Omniscient are capable of unlimited knowledge; they literally know anything and everything. Any villain in this category can and must be labeled as all-knowing in the stories they are in.

It is not uncommon for Omniscient villains to be beings of great or even god-like power, or in some other cases, Lovecraftian horrors whose very nature and power are completely unfathomable. Also, because of their incredible intelligence, they can very often be amazing strategists or even master manipulators and/or Masterminds. This can make these villains both hard to deal with, as well as extremely dangerous and capable.

Even Omniscient beings have limits, however: more specifically they cannot (unless having the ability to do so) see predictions of the future or read minds meaning their powers are restricted to what exists in their current thoughts and space-time continuum. They can also be Self-Aware of their fictional existences.

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