Flash: I can never figure you out! One minute, you're a hero, the next you're a criminal!
Catwoman: I'm a complicated woman.
~ Catwoman, when The Flash calls her out on her constantly changing alignment.

Characters who sometimes act as villains and sometimes they don't. Typically, this means that they "switch sides" (i.e. go back and forth) more than twice. Many of these villains also appear in Hero Fandom as anti-heroes.

This may also include villains that, after they complete their goals, move on without remorse, as they do nothing to make up for what they did and were merely successful in their goals, then removed or retired themselves from the action (e.g. the Hatbox Ghost, Takato Keisuke, etc.)


  • These villains are only redeemed if they stop switching sides and decide to stay good in the very end of the story; otherwise, they should remain in this category.
  • Also, none of these characters are Pure Evil because there is no break in the Pure Evil villain's villainy.

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