Flash: "I can never figure you out! One minute, you're a hero, the next you're a criminal!"
Catwoman: "I'm a complicated woman."
~ Catwoman, when The Flash calls her out on her constantly changing alignment.

Characters who sometimes act as villains and sometimes they don't. Typically, this means that they "switch sides" (i.e. go back and forth) more than twice. Many of these villains also may be anti-heroes.


  • These villains can never be redeemed as On & Off villains still have tendencies to switch sides and commit evil actions. However, they can be redeemed if they finally stop switching sides, or if they were explicitly shown redeeming. An example is Lock, Shock, and Barrel, who redeemed themselves by the end of their movie but have reverted to being antagonists/neutral characters in some future appearances. If a previously On & Off villain makes a decisive choice to turn good they should be removed from "On & Off" and placed under "Redeemed".
  • None of these characters are Pure Evil because there are no breaks in a Pure Evil's villainy.
    • However, some On & Off villains can still be psychopaths if their villainous acts are horrible enough and show significant ruthlessness, even crossing the Moral Event Horizon at times. Good examples of such villains are Eric Cartman and Captain Turner.
  • In addition, villains who have joined or temporarily join the heroes' side out of PRAGMATIC and SELF-SERVING needs but still retains their villainous way, can NEVER count as On & Off. Either some of them have already returned into evil or these kinds of villains will drop their hero facade ways once their needs and/or wants are fulfilled (e.g. Shang TsungSōsuke Aizen, Caesar Clown, Makuta Teridax, Flintheart Glomgold, Lots-o'-Huggin' BearSlade, Vilgax, Frieza, Evolt, Bill Cipher, Alpha, Lucifer, Reed Richards, Micah Bell, and Byron Hadley).

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