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Cyber-Leader: We have 5 million Cybermen. How many are you?
Dalek Sec: Four.
Cyber-Leader: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
Dalek Sec: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek.
~ Dalek Sec and the Cyber-Leader.
Army...? Silly boys... I need no army!
~ Kareleinne-08 to Omega and Xero.

One-Man Armies are the opposites of Non-Action villains, CowardsWeaklings, and Incompetent villains. These are villains powerful enough to take on and defeat or seriously threaten large groups of enemies WITHOUT aid. They are similar to and sometimes the same as Rogues.

To qualify for this category a villain must be shown defeating many opponents in a small scale of time without relying on aid from anyone other than themselves. The required number of foes to defeat in order to qualify is four or higher, although some of these villains are so powerful they prove they are at least capable of taking on such a number of foes without actually doing it (e.g. Te Kā).

Some villains do have large armies or followings but are still valid provided they are shown to be powerful enough and capable of fight against multiple opponents at once without much difficulty; this is a very common trait of individuals such as Supervillains, Cosmic Entities, and Action Movie Villains.

NOTE: Despite the title, Villainesses can also apply to this category.

Best Examples

  • Pure Strength: Most common sub-division of this archetype. The villain primarily uses muscle to defeat opponents. They usually go hand-in-hand with the ability of pain resistance (but not all do). Juggernaut, Bowser, Sentinel Prime, Kingpin, Shredder, Abomination and Tai Lung embody this.
  • Superhuman Qualities: Similar to pure strength as most have superhuman strength; however, they can use other powers and do not need strength per se. They may use Elemental abilities to fight their foes. Frieza, Ego, Darkrai, Carnage, Baldur and Alex Mercer are good examples.
  • Strategy: Perhaps the least seen of this archetype. They don't have superhuman properties (albeit above average properties) but make up for it by being able to completely plan a battle ahead of time (such as using explosives at certain points of a fight that can turn the tide of battle in the villain's favor). Lord Recluse, Lorne Malvo, Koba, Walter White, Khotun Khan, Fliqpy, Chantel DuBois and Joker are the preferred models of these types of villains.

Please Note: Villains who simply target large swathes of people who can't fight back (such as Go-Jaaza-Gi or Clover) do not qualify. A One-Man Army has to be able to meet their opponents in combat in some way. Also, their enemies must have similar strength or capacities as they have. If they fight with significantly inferior foes (e.g. Godzilla against humans shooting at him), they do not count. Also, Cowards can NEVER be one-man armies because they will only fight if they feel they have a significant advantage or know the other is weaker (e.g. Alessi makes his opponents younger, because children are easier to defeat, Tighten fights only with people who are weaker than him, Dag only attacks his enemies when they are in a vulnerable state, Pennywise only feeds on children because they are easier to scare and taste more delicious and Turbo fights only in his Cy-Bug form that makes his foes weaker).

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