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They cursed us. Murderer they called us. They cursed us, and drove us away. And we wept, Precious, we wept to be so alone. And we only wish to catch fish so juicy sweet. And we forgot the taste of bread... the sound of trees... the softness of the wind. We even forgot our own name. My Precious.
~ Gollum.
Okay, okay. I can explain. See, you guys weren't there, so you don't... Wait! Guys! Wait just a second! Please?
~ Steele upon losing the respect of his fellow canines.

Outcasts are basically exiled. Unlike the Imprisoned, they are banished; sometimes exile is seen as sufficient punishment or they are away from others by choice. Many Outcasts seek to return while others are driven mad or embittered as very few embrace such a state. Sometimes, they can be rejected or unaccepting. Furthermore, there are those who became rejected and ended up becoming villains out of anger/spite. Some even end up becoming evil after getting isolated for a crime they didn't commit.

They can alternatively be unaccepted forcing them into isolation. They are technically the opposite of the Charismatic; nevertheless, they can be charismatic and outcasts, especially if their status applies to certain societies. Should their banishment be unreasonable, they can be Tragic and/or Scapegoat‏‎; however, they do not count if their punishments were justified and well-earned. Furthermore, tragic villains that became outcasts can become less sympathetic if their actions afterwards far outweigh their crimes.

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