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That projector is evidence, it's going to tell people what we're doing and how we're doing it. I am trying to fool seven billion people here, including Nick Fury, who happens to be the most paranoid and most dangerous person on the planet, and if he catches on before I've killed him, then he will put a bullet in my head! And nobody wants a bullet in their head, right? RIGHT!?
~ Mysterio threatening his subordinates after realizing that one of his drones had been discovered, demonstrating his paranoia of his plans being revealed to the world.
That is not what magic does. That's just your fear. Fear is what can't be trusted.
~ Elsa denouncing King Runeard for letting his fear of magic consume his mind and mold him into a ruthless tyrant.

Paranoid Villains are very common villains who are fueled by a deep fear of being harmed or weakened by others/someone and therefore, it is hard for them to trust others. This type of evildoer is very common in mythology, embodied in individuals like Cronus and Herod, who are willing to commit terrible atrocities to try and prevent what they see as an impending doom (they almost always fail).

Basically, a villain who lives in fear of being defeated by a particular hero, prophecy or, in some cases, even another villain and utilizes extreme methods to try and prevent their own doom (ironically often causing said doom) can be added to this category.

Many paranoid villains also suffer from paranoid personality disorder, which oftenly related to antisocial personality disorder. Therefore, this category can be an alternative for villains who aren't psychopaths, but show similar symptoms (e.g. Drej Queen Susquehana and King Stefan).  

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