My name is Ego, and I'm your dad, Peter.
~ Ego to Peter Quill aka Star-Lord.
No. I am your father.
~ Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker.

Villains who are or were Parents such as Fathers and Mothers; anyone with Children or Offspring belongs here while Adoptive Parents and Step-Parents qualify as well.

Many are showcased as Abusers and/or Disciplinarians as they may hurt their Children psychologically, physically or perhaps even worse either because they do not obey or simply through sadism - though not all Villainous Parents mistreat their Children. Likewise, they might corrupt them and/or destroy their innocence thus shifting them towards villainy with some becoming Tragic and forced to carry out their Legacies should they fail or die (e.g. Aria).

On the other hand, being Parents can stand as a redeeming quality because some may reform themselves to protect and take care of or save their Children from Big Bads or Bigger Bads (e.g. Darth VaderMichael De Santa, Theodore Bagwell).

There are also characters who are unaware of being Parents or simply do not care about it, though technically this last one counts as evil since they are Neglectful (e.g. Irene Belserion). It is also possible that some of these villains are Tragic themselves and became evil because they lost their Children (e.g. Yokai, Martha Wayne).

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