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Take your damn clothes off!
~ Mark Thresher forcing Jane to strip for him.

Perverts are individuals who have abnormal sexual behavior. For the sake of villainy, however, these perversions must be notably abhorrent or obstructive to other people's lives and not merely a "kink."

Types of Perverts

Perverts can come in two main sub-types: the mischievous but relatively harmless kind and the more sinister and/or evil kind that prey on others. Both are considered villainous if their behavior negatively affects others.

Mischievous Examples

Perverts whose nasty behavior is merely mischievous but negatively effects those around them; if it does not, then its a "kink" and doesn't count.

  • Streakers: Perverts who have the nasty habit in running or appearing while nude regardless if they do it in front of children. An example of this type of pervert is Peter Griffin.
  • Peepers: Perverts who love to peek at someone in the process of disrobing (or otherwise) for fun. An example of this type of pervert is Blitzo.
  • Lecherous: Individuals who possess a disturbing obsession with sex. An example of this type of pervert is Jan Valentine.

More Serious Examples

Perverts of this type tend to have worse sexual fantasies. Some of these types of perverts can also be Pure Evil, should they had crossed the Moral Event Horizon and if they are the vilest villain in the work.

  • Rapists: A very common kind of pervert who have committed rape (or have attempted to do so). However, be on note that not ALL rapists are necessarily perverts as they sometimes do it out of spite or sadisim.
  • Zoophiles: Perverts who take sexual interest in animals, such as Ramsay Bolton or Randy Marsh.
  • Pedophiles: Perverts who take a sexual interest in prepubescent children. Examples of these types of perverts include William Wharton, Alvin Marsh, Miss Gribben and Freddy Krueger.
  • Necrophiliacs: Perverts who take a sexual interest in corpses. Some examples of this type of pervert is Black Hand and Psychopath (Angst).
  • Incestuous: Perverts who take sexual interest in those biologically related to them (siblings, children, parents/grandparents, etc). An example of this type of pervert is Cersei Lannister, who has a sexual relationship with her brother Jamie or Noah Cross who rapade his daughter Evelyn Mulray.
  • Hebephilias: Perverts who take sexual interest to teenagers.  

Perverts are also the evil opposite of chaste heroes.

Note: In many cases, perverted villains come from media intended for more mature audiences. However, it is possible for them to come from children's media as well, though to keep the media appropriate for its target audience, their actions will not be as extreme. These kinds of perverts will often attempt to have someone marry/fall in love with them, and/or may make subtle references to sexual/perverted acts. A few examples of perverts from children's media include Judge Claude Frollo, Li'l Gideon, and Scar.

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