Good. That skin will bring me much money.
~ Abdullah planning to skin Duma.
Shame you won't be here to help me carry out the ivory!
~ Sloan Blackburn to Eliza Thornberry.
I am the Night Fury killer. I've hunted every last one, but yours.
~ Grimmel the Grisly revealing to Hiccup that he killed all the Night Furies except Toothless.

Poachers are evildoers who hunt immorally, often for prey that was illegal. There are many forms of poaching: they could be hunting or capturing endangered species for zoos and pet trades (e.g. Abdullah), hunting on land where animals were protected (e.g. Amos Slade), or animals that were legal to hunt while doing it the wrong way (e.g. Man). Many of them tend to be illegal fishermen, farmers and lumberjacks as well.

A common motivation for poachers is pure greed. If a prey is extremely rare or highly valuable, the temptation of money will be enough for them to disregard the environmental catastrophe the prey's extinction would cause (e.g. Sloan Blackburn, Giovanni). Sometimes, the poachers are only hunting to make ends meet for their families.

While not very common among the group, some poachers can be Pure Evil if they take pleasure in the suffering of their prey and show no remorse in their actions (e.g. Hunter). In some cases, they're even willing to put fellow persons in harm's way if they're an obstacle to their goals. (e.g. Percival C. McLeach, Andrei Strasser and Paul Serone).

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