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General Woundwort was never seen again. But it was certainly true, as Groundsel said, that no one ever found his body, so it may perhaps be that, after all, that extraordinary rabbit really did wander away to live his fierce life somewhere else and to defy the elil as resourcefully as ever.
~ Richard Adams on General Woundwort's fate.
Swear, swear, if IT isn't dead, if IT ever comes back, we'll come back too.
~ Bill Denbrough on IT.

Villains in this category were mostly last seen in situations that they were not expected to survive, most are are thought to be dead while having faced an unknown fate, though their deaths were left unconfirmed. Alternatively, they have died in conditions where it is implied that they could still be alive. Yet, their fates and statuses are currently unknown.

These villains do not count as Karma Houdinis unless the presumed death was of natural causes (e.g. Toplofty and O'Bloat, Donald Love, Mr. Grasping, Warren T. Rat, Orca, and Nefretiri) or if they’re more likely to have survived and escaped rather than died (e.g. Rasmin Yelkov, Flumpty Bumpty, Huggy Wuggy, and Tord).

However, they can count as Scapegoats if they have only committed minor villainous acts.

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