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This is the age of information. Stealth is not about hiding, it's about inundating. We leak the truth. Then we leak whole zettabytes of other junk. Opposing data. Similar data. Nonsense data. Ad nauseam. Mesmerism by cat memes. Hypnotized. Apathy for the win.
~ Kirsten Geary.
All right, Fudge is leaning on the Prophet, but it comes to the same thing. They won't print a story that shows Harry in a good light.
~ Rita Skeeter about Fudge's influence over wizarding news.

Propagandists are people involved in the process of propaganda, which often uses techniques such as brainwashing, jingoism, incrimination, and demonization.

A propagandist's main goal is to turn the will of society to their side, whether that is to make themselves look innocent, justified, acceptable, satisfactory and endearing to the public even while doing great harm, besmirching the images of heroes or a combination of them all. They engineer public opinion to use as a cover against repercussions for their crimes.

Villains who spread propaganda are often corrupt officials of wealth and high authority who abuse their power to manipulate the public eye. At the same time, it isn't uncommon for criminal organisations, including terrorist and anarchist groups, to use propaganda to rally followers and support.

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