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The things the Cthaeh says can leave men broken in their heads... The Cthaeh does not lie. It has the gift of seeing, but it only tells things to hurt men.
~ Ferulian about the Cthaeh.

Psychological Abusers are characters who inflict emotional and psychological torment on their victims. They can be Mind-Breakers but do not have to focus on actually breaking someone's state of mental health; instead, many of them rely on emotional and spiritual abuse for the sake of tormenting them or even as something as petty as making them feel bad about themselves. Common examples are antagonists who try and convince someone they are worthless, ugly, unwanted, etc. This also applies to those who try to inflict prolonged periods of distress, fear and general despair in another person (e.g. Lady Tremaine, Chris Hargensen, White Diamond).

These villains can also be manipulative as well as cruel, and use a form of psychological manipulation called Gaslighting, which is where they trick their victim's feelings in order to manipulate them, both mentally and emotionally. This can be the case with villains whose victims are essential to their plans and are unwilling to let go of easily, or at all (e.g. Mother Gothel and Kai Chisaki).

Due to the nature of psychological abuse it is considered by many as a special "breed" of evil since it either focuses on attacking those who are deemed vulnerable or trying to devalue another person's confidence and well-being (core principles of what many consider basic human rights).

IMPORTANT NOTES: This category is for Villains who tend to lean towards emotional and/or psychological abuse instead of physical violence. They do not always seek to drive their victims insane (as Mind-Breakers do) but they can sometimes become Mind-Breakers due to their actions. Many Psychological Abusers use words over violence but some will resort to it (even becoming Homicidal Murderers) if their initial cruelty fails. Furthermore, those who use this tactic often do so on top of physical violence in order to break their victim's body and mind.

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