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Yes… the power… the absolute power! The universe is mine to command! To control!
~ Jafar.

Reality-Warpers are characters depicted with the power to alter reality itself, often on a large scale. In order to qualify as a Reality-Warper on this wiki, a character must have at minimum a planet-wide radius of influence; this means that beings like Mad Jaspers, Galactus and many "cosmic" beings and higher-level super-beings count but lower-tiered beings (such as those who merely alter probability) are better suited to Elementals, Magic, or Paranormal.

By its very nature the "gift" of Reality-Warping makes most characters that have it among the most powerful of all adversaries and they range from planet-wide menaces to universal (and sometimes even multiversal) threats on a godlike scale.

Some of these villains may even seem to display boundless power in a certain reality (The Beldam is virtually unbeatable in the Other World, The Animator is likewise near-unbeatable on his computer) or all realities (i.e. Truth, Beyonder, or villainous adaptations of God are seen as close to boundless in their settings and are implied to be so on a metaversal-scale).

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