I... live... AGAIN!!!
~ Evil Ash upon being revived.
Villains who previously died, but were somehow brought back to life. Some of these villains continue their evil ways while others might redeem themselves. As opposed to Undeads, this is mainly intended for cases where the character is fully restored in their original living form, rather than as a zombie or spirit. (Although some can be both.)

This can also apply to shows and series where there is little to no consistency between episodes, and a deceased character is brought back without explanation for their next appearance (i.e. Tom the Cat from the Tom and Jerry franchise, Kenny McCormick from South Park or Eustace Bagge from Courage the Cowardly Dog).

This may also apply to rare cases where a character is killed, but through time travel/magic/etc. the timeline is reset so that they were never killed (i.e. Marcie Fleach).

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