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What is thy bidding, my master?
~ Darth Vader to Emperor Palpatine.
Because I'm the guy at your side, steps between you and the shit, tries to kill you. I'm your right-hand, Clay.
~ Tig Trager to Clay Morrow.

The Right-Hand is the most powerful, loyal, trusted and authoritative henchman of the main villain, also being the next-in-command and usually the second-to-last villain taken down by Heroes.

Almost all right-hands are totally loyal to their master (even worshipping them like gods) but there are some at their side just for personal interests or feelings. While the main Villain provides a mental challenge the Right-Hand provides a physical challenge; as such it is not uncommon for a Right-Hand to be mightier than the main villain.

In some works, the Right-Hand is the The Heavy and appears more often and gets more screen time than their master, in order to make the main villain more mysterious and therefore more frightening. A main villain can also have multiple Right-Hands, either with different responsibilities or as a replacement of one who has died. Sometimes, a Right-Hand can survive their master's demise and seek to revive them or accomplish their master's goal on their behalf as in Death and Fate Averruncus's cases.

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