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Thank you Goku. Your anger feels simply incredible.
~ Goku Black getting stronger from the pain dealt to him by Goku.
Come on, baby! Beat me 'till your knuckles bleed! And why quit there? You know there's only one way to stop me!
~ The Joker as Batman brutally beats him up.

Sadomasochists are individuals that enjoy inflicting pain on others and themselves. This is most common in villains who are sex fiends, villains who beg for the heroes to defeat them for the thrill, self-loathing/nihilistic/suicidal villains who use pain as a coping mechanism, or maybe two or more villains who feed off each others' pain and keep the circumstances going out of mutual need.

If the villain has just a kink over enjoying their own pain in general (e.g. Rose Armitage and Dio Brando), they do not qualify.

Please do not add Sadists under this category, who only get pleasure from pain inflicted on other people, but don't like to get hurt themselves. Sadomasochists don't just enjoy causing pain; they get a fix out of it and enjoy receiving it just as much as they enjoy inflicting it on others. They also differ from Masochists, who only get pleasure from receiving pain, but don't strive to find it; they merely enjoy it when it comes to them. Thus the two categories cannot overlap.

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