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This world is strange. A place where supernatural beings with strange powers that appear otherworldly and humans using technological magic to fight against them.
~ Ryouko Kusakabe

By nature and creation, fantasy and science fiction are complete opposites of each other and were rarely combined. However, over the decades the fantasy and science fiction genres became greater, and together they created a new genre; science fantasy is one of the most famous genres around. It is used within various forms of media that have already been created. They are used in anime, manga, comic books, movies, cartoons and every other form of media.

Science comes from the term Science Fiction and Fantasy comes from the term Fantasy, Science Fantasy is a category that combines the two genres into one. In other words, Science Fantasy is a genre that combines aspects of Science Fiction with aspects of Fantasy.

What Makes a Science Fantasy Villain

  • The combination of science fiction and fantasy aspects. Such as the use of technology and magic or anything else that relates to the two genres.
  • some early sci-fi from 1950s, 60s or similar can become "science fantasy" when scientiftic knowledge increases and thus renders what was once theoretical stories into pure fantasy (for example stories that have the moon, venus, mars or other planets inhabited by many advanced aliens or stories that involve concepts now considered pseudo-science).
  • settings which make use of pseudo-science or "magical science" - for example alchemy etc.. can be seen in many works for younger audience in which often "mad" scientists can create potions and inventions that completely defy all logic and reason, yet are treated as if they are scientific, rather than mystical, in origin (can overlap with the second type if they utilize scientific theories no longer seen as valid by mainstream community).

Examples of Science Fantasy Villains

  • Bowser: Utilizes both magic and futuristic technology to eliminate Mario and his friends.
  • Darth Vader: Utilizes his Jedi powers and futuristic technology to achieve his goals.

Important Facts to Remember

  • The villain does not necessarily need to be in a world where both science fiction and fantasy are present, just being involved in Magi-Tech can guarentee them a place in this catagory.
  • Villains who only have technological and/or standard science fiction aspects do not count as science fantasy villains, they need to have aspects related to the fantasy genre.
  • Villains who only have magical and/or standard fantasy aspects do not count as science fantasy villains, they need to have aspects related to the science fiction genre.

For more information, see Wikipedia.

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