Uh, excuse me, but doesn't anybody know that this is against the law?
~ Steve Rhodes after seeing Al and Peggy Bundy looking in Kelly and Bud's mouths in an attempt to do dentistry
So is dressing up a chicken and calling it your wife!
~ Al's response

Villains that have appeared in television sitcoms, either as a minor villain or a recurring antagonist. Most sitcoms, however, do not have main villains, as they are intended for laughs, rather than a serious and/or dramatic plot effect. These villains are often more of a nuisance to the protagonists of the sitcom rather than a threat. In some cases, the villain may be the protagonist itself, depending on said character's actions.

A sitcom villain's acts often do not cause any permanent damage, as the characters will usually be seen in a whole different scenario in another episode, completely unharmed, until they cause another dilemma. In works, like South Park, characters are seen regularly abusing each other, but usually survive to live in the next episode.

Settings for sitcoms need to be considered. Most "Slice of Life" type shows will RARELY have certifiable villains. However others WILL because of the nature and theme of their setting. For example, Get Smart has a setting of spy organizations involved in espionage, regardless of how much it is played for laughs. Archer, Powerless, and Kim Possible are other franchises where their creative teams actually stipulate certain characters as certifiable Wicked Doing Evil villains.

Sitcom villains are also usually set in a realistic universe and do not stray too far from reality. (Although animated sitcoms usually present more outrageous villains.)

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