They ain't hired help. They're my property. I bought 'em. I paid for 'em.
~ Edwin Epps on how he views his slaves.
Little secret, Wade. This workshop doesn't make superheroes, we make super-slaves. We're gonna fit you with a control collar and auction you off to the highest bidder. Who knows what they'll have you doing? Terrorizing citizens, putting down freedom fighters. Maybe just mow the occasional lawn.
~ Ajax revealing his intentions to sell Wade Wilson as a slave.

A Slaver is a villain who treats individuals like property and forces them into cruel, unfair and iniquitous labor, whether by driving them into slavery by force, buying or selling them on the black market, abducting them or threatening them with torture and death.

This can also apply to characters who force individuals into submission via mind-control, magic or other means - these villains tend to be of the Neutral Evil or Lawful Evil varieties but some Chaotic Evils may also enslave others if they find it amusing to do so.

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