I'm a... survivor, Black Lung... a survivor. That's all there is... living and dying.
~ Micah Bell to Arthur Morgan when confronted with his treachery.
In this world, it's kill or BE killed!
~ Flowey's motto and catchphrase

Villains who champion the motto "survival of the fittest" and "might is right". They differ from Totalitarians and Supremacists in the fact they do not always value race or nation; they value individual strength and often seek to create a society or world in which only the most ruthless of individuals exist to father the next generation.

Social Darwinists are not always intentionally villainous; some genuinely believe the philosophy is good. However, application of the philosophy often leads to the formation of Fascist states (such as the Fourth Reich) or anarchy in which people must fight to survive.

The most famous example of a Social Darwinist in fiction is the Marvel supervillain Apocalypse, who became obsessed with the concept and did not care whether someone was human or mutant as long as they had enough strength to survive. His "son" Holocaust also served as an extreme example and went as far as stating that "none will be strong enough to survive in the world I will create.".

As mentioned above, the Social Darwinist is often confused with the Nazi or Supremacist, but they are different concepts. The Nazi and Supremacist are often racist while the Darwinist is usually not and merely believes that the ancient rule of "only the strong survive" is just. There are even some scientists (fictional and real) who try to support the theory that humans should abandon the "weak" in favor of the strong, resulting in many abuses of power.

Often, Social Darwinism leads to the villain's downfall, as they may be occupied with infighting rather than getting rid of the protagonist.

A subtype of the Social Darwinist has risen in popular culture over the recent generations who believes in population control, thinking that they must "balance" the world or universe by removing over-population, so that a new order can be set - the most famous example of this subtype is Thanos from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Good examples of Social Darwinists, as well as Apocalypse, are Flowey, Ultron, Esdeath, Megatron and Ozai.

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