I'm a... survivor, Black Lung... a survivor. That's all there is... living and dying.
~ Micah Bell confronted with treachery.
In this world, it's kill or BE killed!
~ Flowey's motto and catchphrase.

Villains who champion the mottos "survival of the fittest", "being weak is sin" and "might is right" which are each partial bases for the concept of Kratocracy; they differ in some ways from Totalitarians and Supremacists. As a matter of fact they do not always value races and/or nations, but individual strengths and seek to create societies or worlds in which only the most ruthless individuals exist to raise later generations.

Social Darwinists or Universal Darwinists on the largest scale are not always intentionally villainous; some genuinely believe their philosophies are good. However, applications of such philosophies often lead to the formations and rise of Fascists or creations of Anarchists which people must fight to survive amongst.

One example is Apocalypse who became obsessed with the concept and related topics, not caring whether someone was a Humanoid or Mutant so long as they had the strength to survive. His son Holocaust also served as an equal example and went as far as stating that "none [would] be strong enough to survive in the world [he would] create".

As well as mentioned above Social Darwinists are often confused with those such as (Neo-)Nazis or Ku Klux Klansmen but are only slightly different concepts. Nazis, Klansmen and Supremacists in general are often Racists and Xenophobes while Darwinists are usually not and merely believe the rule of "only the strong survive" is just. There are even Doctors and Scientists or other Corrupt Officials supporting Natural Selectors: those who abandon the "weak" in favor of the "strong" resulting in Abusers and Misanthropes. Social Darwinism can lead to a Villain's downfall as they may be occupied with infighting and internal struggles rather than getting rid of opposing forces.

There is a distinct and obscure subtype of Darwinists in recent popular culture equal to Harbingers for Rebirth or Nihilists believing in measures such as population control, thinking they must "balance out" everything by removing overpopulation or similar problems so new orders can be set - the most famous example is Thanos and others include Flowey, Ultron, Esdeath, Megatron and Ozai.

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