Still, I believe good manners dictate that we should send out the welcome wagon.
~ Dr. Arliss Loveless

Villains who are very cultivated and refined, often coming from high social status. They usually act in a very polite and collected (albeit condescending and opprobrious) manner, either from genuine respect or to manipulate others.

They are the exact opposite of a Barbarian although it is common in the climax for them to shed their gentlemanly nature and become the savage monsters they really are (if they are), for example, Ridley is shown multiple times in the Manga to be calm and collected, but later goes fully barbarous and destroy everything in his path and Professor Ratigan as first he was a sophisticated and calm rat until the films climax where he becomes crazy and wild by attacking Basil straight away. Famous examples of sophisticated are Hannibal Lecter and Nicole Wallace.

While some of these villains may be genuinely friendly towards the heroes, some Pure Evils can be sophisticated as well as they can act polite to manipulate others or to do their evil doings. Good examples are Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Magus, Katz, and Lord Cutler Beckett.

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