See what she does to me? My loving wife...
~ Robert Baratheon sarcastically talks about his marriage to Cersei Lannister.
It's time to put a call to an old and very mean friend. And I'm not talking about my mother-in-law!
~ Heinrich Strack before he transforms into Destructo Man.

Villains who are or were married, be it to another villain or someone else.

This is not automatically inclusive with In Love villains as some marriages are unhappy, especially when evil people are involved. In some works it is presented as a given from the start that villains are married even if they clearly do not love their Spouses and there is no apparently logical reason they should be together.

In some cases it is possible for marriages to be very strong and for the couple to genuinely love and be faithful to each other even if either one of the spouses is evil or both of them are. Some of these couples can be Redeemed.

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