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What have you done? She was my... other half. But you'll pay. You will never get out of here alive, Frank. We promise you that–all of us. I'll never be complete again. Never!
~ One of the Bailey Twins before killing themselves after watching one die.

Many games are very non-linear and feature extensive stories and morals to them, affecting choices for players to make over the course of the games.

The villains here have multiple possible fates that are affected by player actions. For instance they might be Deceased, Redeemed, Unseen, etc. The villains can also be Protagonists and depending on your actions can become Pure Good, Pure Evil or anywhere in between.

These Villains cannot be classified as Karma Houdinis if there are multiple endings and/or alternate scenarios unless Villains do not receive punishment in any of them (e.g. Richard Perkins). In addition, villains in video games that do not include the players' actions cannot count for obvious reasons.

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