Nature has made us superior! We are the future of this planet! This world belongs to us now!
~ Magneto
Supremacists believe particular cultures, races, species, genders, religions, beliefs and/or factions are superior to others and seek to enact and enforce laws, rules and/or activities which would see many suffer. Some can even favor what they view as pure, raw strength at the expense of those who know better (e.g. Laxus Dreyar, Jiemma).

They are often linked to Xenophobes but may adopt practices designed to "aid" those they see as "inferior" (for example some supremacists see it as their "duty" to "care" for culture, races or species they see as below them - the result is almost always a form of dictatorship or exploitation), while xenophobes are much more openly hateful and see "outsiders" as a threat (or "subhuman").

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