Characters who originate in works based upon the religions of the real world, especially those still in practice (such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.) - whether it be retellings of tales from the theological works themselves or works heavily promoting the themes of a certain religion. it also includes characters from the actual religious texts, providing them are explicitly shown as evil within the confines of that religion (for example Satan in Christianity, who is said by the Bible itself to be an enemy of mankind).

For characters who are based on older religions not widely practiced in the modern world (such as Ancient Greek religions, indigenous paganism (Norse, Celtic, etc.) please consider the use of Mythology Villains.


  • In order to count, the character must be depicted as evil or dangerous within the works in questions, for older religions (such as those of Ancient Greeks, Old Norse, etc.) we follow the mythological tales in regards to how these figures are seen - for example in Greek myths the Olympians are seen as dangerous, how they may be depicted in alternate belief systems is not part of this wiki and all debates on such matters should be taken off-site.
  • Alternate views of deities, like the Maltheistic vision of God, are not allowed. However, versions depicted as villainous are.
  • No debates on whether the figures here may or not be real (in the case of older religions see above).
  • As a general rule, all religious figures of note (Saints, holy men, recognizable icons within faiths etc) should NOT be added, regardless of conflicting texts or modern views on the figures in question.
  • Actively worshipped figures are likewise discouraged, exceptions may arise for figures that are considered "dangerous" (such as some Loa) but even then be respectful of figures and topics such as these.
  • Whether one is theist, non-theist, anti-theist or otherwise, remain neutral and if in doubt ask admins on a subject before adding.

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