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I am Bane -- and I could kill you... but death would only end your agony -- and silence your shame. Instead, I will simply... BREAK YOU!
~ Bane breaks Batman's back.
They sliced and carved and tore at me in ways that you can't even imagine. Until there was nothing left. And then, suddenly... I would be whole again... like magic... just so they could start it all over.
~ Dean Winchester, explaining how he was tortured by Alastair while he was in Hell.

Torturers are villains who either commit the crime of torture regularly or are shown committing torture in their appearance (if a one-shot villain). Torture can be classified as either emotional/psychological torture (cruelty designed to harm the mind or spirit) or physical torture (cruelty that involves physical harm but not instant death such as subjecting the victim to beatings or even sexual torture).

Although not necessarily true for all torturers, many are sadistic and enjoy their work, though some simply perform their grisly deeds out of a sense of duty or twisted morals. In others cases, torturers torture their victims in order to get information out of them. Villains who torture for fun more often than not have crossed the Moral Event Horizon and may be Pure Evil.

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