Why do you resist? We only wish to raise quality of life for all species.
~ Locutus of the Borg.

Totalitarians are any group or individual who favor and share beliefs of a system in which the state has unlimited power over every aspect of public and private life, often run by a "supreme dictator", and often envisioned as an evil empire, new world order, or dictator-wannabe.

These are the villains most often associated with tyranny of the Lawful or Neutral Evil variety and focus on control, dominance, and fear, as well as military might and the subservience of all who are not part of a social elite.

Common examples of Totalitarians are Nazis and Fascists. There are also extreme examples of "Socialism", such as those employed by the former USSR and Stalinist empires (who also favored complete control of all aspects of private and public life).

While a great many evil rulers are content to lord over their peers the Totalitarians differ in the fact they tirelessly seek to not only dominate the world but radically change it on every level - to this end they are some of the most oppressive and dangerous regimes and individuals in fiction, since a common dictator values power and may allow some freedom to those they favor and be happy to rule over a small to mid-sized territory a Totalitarian is rarely as merciful and are forever researching ways to ensure that they not only keep any power they obtain but also spread power out in a never-ending expansion designed (usually) at complete global (or even inter-planetary) conquest.

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