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I did warn you not to trust me.
~ Petyr Baelish betraying Ned Stark.
You're a strange man. You killed your best friend. You betrayed everyone who ever came in contact with you. You killed MY COUSIN! I guess... the survival of the fittest thing really meant a lot to you.
~ Niko Bellic about Dimitri Rascalov as the latter bleeds out to his death during the Deal Ending.

A traitor is an individual who betrays his or her allies, whether for personal gain or some other factor. Treachery is often considered one of the most evil of traits in a villain due to the fact that a traitor is hard to trust. After all, any character who is ruthless enough to betray friends and allies is more than ruthless enough to be a threat to anyone else. This category applies to villains who have betrayed the heroes or their fellow villains to achieve their goals.

Traitors are similar to Usurpers, but do not always seek a position of power as those who commit treason often do it on someone else's behalf. Also, traitors can sometimes betray and kill other villains if it suits their purposes or are simply in the mood to do so. While traitors are meant to be the opposite of a betrayed villain, it is possible for a traitor to also be betrayed by others who are expecting their treachery.

If asked by anyone for their treason, they will make a snide and opprobrious remark pertaining to that person/party's gullibility.

A traitor is the opposite of a Betrayed villain, though it is entirely possible for a villain to be both if they both betrayed someone and were betrayed themselves, whether it's by the same or two completely different people.

Note: "Treachery" or "Betrayal" do not constitute as crimes, so do not add them to a character's list of crimes.

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