Urban Legends are a specific sub-genre of the "Villains of Folklore" that includes recent editions, often with a modern-take on much older concepts (e.g. Robert the Doll, Slender Man, Zozo, etc.).


Unlike classic urban legends, the Cryptids are mysterious beasts that are said to actually exist by some people.

There are often stories of sightings of such creatures, and often with little evidence of their existence. Most cryptids are reported to have violent and aggressive behavior, often harming people and/or animals, thus belonging to the Chaotic Evil alignment - meaning that it is dangerous to cross their path, should you are unlucky enough to see them. These are the ones that should be included on this wiki.

This also includes "fictionalized" takes on these creatures. (e.g. Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Flatwoods Monster, and so on).

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