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A Typical Villains Wiki Admin (you've been warned)

List of Users with Admin rights - these users are entrusted to keep this wiki in order and can range from those who delete unwanted or "spam" pages, those who help calm user debates (and deal with malignant / destructive users) as well as generally well-meaning individuals who are there to help out when things get a little "rough".

Remember that all admins are here to help, they are not bullies nor are they necessarily "push-overs" - they walk a thin line of having power without abusing it and although you may get angry at their decisions remember behind every admin is a user just like you, so be sure to treat them with respect and in turn the admins will do their best to treat you with the same respect.

TLDR version: Be nice to admins and do not fear them, if you need help come to them but don't think of them as your personal "army" or similar - they are here to help the wiki as a whole, that is all.

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