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All personnel on board, take a look outside. Watch what happens to those who dare to threaten our nation. Their presence is ever visible. There is no peace for the wicked. Our ongoing war efforts will subject you citizens to further hardship. Bear down for the sake of our holy crusade. This is the inevitable path to our nation's dominion. Rest assured, I've already devised a plan to drive foreign aggressors... In the very near future, this nation will rise as a superpower... above and beyond those in the past. Our glory days are near! To that end, you must offer yourselves as the footstones of a great nation!
~ Hamdo
Peace is for the women... and the weak. Empires... are forged by war.
~ Agamemnon

Warlords are villains who thrive on war and often lead armies; they are a sub-type of Military. This category can also include Weapons Dealers and in general people who make a profit out of conflict.

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