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A lifetime of working in a nuclear power plant has given me a healthy green glow.... and left me as impotent as a Nevada boxing commissioner.
~ Mr. Burns.
But it's becoming increasingly obvious. I CAN DENY IT NO LONGER!... I am small.
~ Plankton.

Villains who are relatively weak in strength or easy to defeat by heroes or other villains as well as the exact opposite of Brutes, though it is worth noting that they can still put up a fight against the heroes (and perhaps other villains too), especially if they have the advantage of surprise or are armed with a weapon. Unlike Incompetent villains, Weaklings may have truly evil goals that can cause massive destruction or chaos forcing heroes to face them whereas Incompetents are more likely to ruin their own plans (though the two can overlap if they are weak both physically and competently).

One of the best examples for a weakling is Yu Yevon who was the being controlling Sin and thus caused massive death over a thousand years, but once Tidus and Yuna faced him personally he was very easy to defeat, being nearly impossible to lose to.

Important: Do not add powerful villains who only qualify as "Weak", compared to other even more powerful characters. Like for example Loki Laufeyson (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Raditz, Zilla, Scar (Disney) and Baraka.

People who are thin or seeming weak in any way do not automatically count. It must be explicitly shown their lack of physical strength is real.

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