You piece of dirt. No, I'm wrong. You're lower than dirt. You're an ant.
~ Hopper.
For the preservation of our blue and pure world!
~ Blue Cosmos.
Xenophobes, also known as Sexists, Racists, Bigots, Discriminators, Human Conditioners or Phobes hate, dislike and/or fear those from other cultures, countries, communities, clans, races, religions and/or species or just individuals who are different altogether. Many use these negative feelings or Prejudicial Movements as a means to oppress those they dislike. They can overlap with Supremacists due to generally having similar beliefs and motives.

Sometimes they even hate their own kind or discriminate against others because they have inherent genes according to their family tree's relations and do not know how to accept themselves. They can be Insecure because they seek love and/or acceptance though this may not be the case if they become Pure Evil which rules out insecurities. Xenophobic Villains act on their prejudiced instincts letting them cloud their judgment or using them against others for the aforementioned reasons or other ill purposes.

There is also a distinct subtype called (Neo-)Conservatives who prefer to keep foreign groups away at all costs; an example of this last one is Stan Smith.

These are sadly a type of Real-Life Villains who crusade against anything and anyone they see as different hoping to drive them away and/or wipe out any traces of their existences.

Note: If Villains qualify as Misanthropes they do not need be deemed Xenophobes unless they have a proven disdain of different species as well or separate dislikes of certain groups. If they are Genocidal do not add this as these are only for characters who hate other races and/or species but are not attempting to commit genocide.

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