Can you change this page so it gives us an option to look by images of the villains and not just name lists?


  • Totally Spies:
    • Terrence Lewis

      Terrence Lewis (Totally Spies)

      Terrence Lewis
      • Ariel (Totally Spies)
      • Ariel (Totally Spies)
  • Amazing Spiez!:
    • Sherry Lewis

      Sherry Lewis (Amazing Spiez!)

      Sherry Lewis
      • Chaos Twins (Amazing Spiez!)
      • fusion
      Chaos Twins (Alpha & Omega)
  • Martin Mystery:
    • Octavia Paine

      Octavia Paine (Martin Mystery)

      Octavia Paine
    • Freeform Aliens

      Freeform Aliens (Martin Mystery)

      Freeform Aliens