to the person who tried to get this deleted, yes - it is true many villains are opportunists by nature not all of them are.. for example AUTO, HAL or other extreme examples of Lawful Neutral / Lawful Evil are never going to do this: Opportunists take advantage of any given situation to succeed, this goes against the nature of someone "of their word" (thus a Devil who makes a contract is not an Opportunist, if they keep to their word) : Honorable Villains are also unlikely to be Opportunists..

Yes, it is similar to Neutral Evil as well but that's why the article has a list of Lawful, Chaotic and Amoral versions: so in short, not ALL villains are Opportunists, it is a type of personality found a lot.. even in real criminals.. if the wording is wrong maybe it can be altered but why delete an entire category rather than debate / improve it first? BloodPony (talk) 15:03, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

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