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The Cater-Pillager (AKA Cater-Piledriver) is a villain from The Powerpuff Girls comic book issue, "The Trouble With Bubbles!". He is a gigantic caterpillar, who likes to wrestle. Later on in the story, he metamorphosizes into a butterfly.


In "The Trouble With Bubbles", The Cater-Pillager was destroying The City of Townsville, by ripping buildings out of the ground and throwing them back down on the ground, like he was wrestling with them, eventually setting the whole town up in flames. The Powerpuff Girls come to stop him and enact their three-part plan to stop him. Blossom kicked a fire hydrant over, Buttercup threw a bus at the Cater-Pillager, knocking him into a scotch tape factory, and Bubbles, who was supposed to enact part three of the plan, just sat around in the fields and played with the flowers. Blossom and Buttercup were mad at Bubbles for not going along with the plan but Bubbles didn't seem to think anything of it. Blossom and Buttercup did part three themselves and wrapped the Cater-Pillager up in tape, putting him in a cocoon and knocked him over.

The Cater-Pillager would later arise from his cocoon and break out, now in the form of a butterfly. Now that he was back and better than ever, The Cater-Pillager attacked more buildings and destroyed more property. Blossom and Buttercup went back into the action to beat this guy up but he fought back and was too powerful for them to handle. Just then, Bubbles flew back in to save her sisters. She went to the eyedropper factor, got a giant eyedropper and dropped it onto the Cater-Pillager's wing, causing him to explode, thereby killing him and saving The City of Townsville from further disaster.